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next a1ctl version

Since I now have very little free time since I started my new job, I decided to clarify the situation on some bugs/features of the current and next a1ctl versions:

The current a1ctl version may not work (no fan control & temperature) or only partially work (no slow mode for fan control), due to some different embedded controllers in newer Aspire One models. Since I don’t own those models, I’m not able to debug what good values may be for theses new chips, unfortunately.

In order to fix a1ctl for theses models, I’m going to release a tool (with some explanations of course) on how to find these “magic” values to read and control the EC chips in charge of the fan and temperature control, so any model may become compatible with a1ctl by the simple change of these “magic” values in the .ini file.

Concerning slow mode, while it may be working for most, sometimes you may have remarked that instead of going slow, the fan blows at full speed or is completely stopped. This is because there a temperature threshold preventing slow mode to be set: under a certain temperature, slow mode “magic” value activate full speed instead of slow mode.

In order to prevent that problem, I’ve added internally a threshold (set at 37°c) in the current version under which slow mode stop the fan completely until the effective slow mode can be activated. But it seems this threshold may be too tight sometimes (and maybe different on some models), causing full speed to be activated instead of slow speed.

As for the magic values, it will be possible to change the value of this threshold in the .ini in the next version, and I will set the default one a little bit higher (40°c) to prevent temperature yo-yo problem around the “real” threshold (found at 37°c on my AA1).

Please not also that I’ve read all comments and next a1ctl version will mostly include all your feature requests, exception the overclocking feature which is not possible to realize for now.

Thanks everyone for your support.

January 23, 2009 at 2:39 pm 25 comments

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