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a1ctl final version is here

As promised, here is the final version of a1ctl. By “final”, I mean it won’t receive update anymore. But fortunately, the source code is available so anyone is able to take up the project.

I’ve read all the comments, bug reports and feature requests and added/corrected everything I could. If your bug is not fixed or your feature not added, it’s because I couldn’t. Concerning GPU overclocking, I dropped it because first the author of GMABooster didn’t want to share the code (he don’t want me to dig a hole into his donations). I could have written my own ASM code for it, but then I made my own tests and it appears that if the GPU can be overclocked by up to 40%, the result is a 3-4% performance increase at best. So, it doesn’t deserve all the work for it.

I also tried to end up with the dreaded acpi log issue by using a new dll that use the windows acpi driver, but my tests were quite negative with it: doesn’t always work depending of the configuration, vista/seven issues. So I sticked with the old direct IO access method, and there’s still the patch.

As for the compatibility problems for the fan control, I have only an A150 netbook so I can’t predict how it will work on other machines, especially when it seems that Acer uses different EC chips in some netbook versions. But if you’re able to read the temperature, then you should be able at least to find the fan control values manually using the new configuration options. I will eventually be useful also for further bios updates.

I Hope there won’t be bothering bugs in this version!
Thanks for using my tool.

– 04/08/2009 – version 1.0
+ added custom resolution as .ini setting (downscaling is though
still limited to 1024×768 due to some restriction)
+ added custom EC values for fan control, with simple testing function
+ added custom device support
= updated values for newest BIOS versions
= fixed slow mode threshold
= fixed small bugs here and there

Download Version 1.0 / sources

August 4, 2009 at 3:24 pm 48 comments

iPodME quick fix

Just updated iPodME to version 2.3.
The only change is that it fixes accentuation problems with subtitles.

Download iPodME Version 2.3 / Sources

August 3, 2009 at 2:24 pm 2 comments

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