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Back to work

Wow! It have been a long time, seems 1 post / year is not quite a reasonable post rate for a blog, but whatever.

This year was quite busy for me, meaning almost no time for dev (other than for work)… I wish I could pull out the new iPodME quickly, but unfortunately I got bored with the UI stuff : the universal mac/win/linux command-line iPodME is done with all the neat presets (even with a custom XML preset system), multiple soft subtitles support (done correctly this time, with proper character encoding conversions) and hard subtitle integration with no need for plugins, faster encoding thanks to mencoder optmizations, etc. I even got all the needed tools (mencoder, mp4box etc) to build properly on mac. But building a nice UI takes times (especially on MacOS), and I can’t find the motivation to do it for now since it’s been a long time I’m not using iPodME anymore for my own purpose, and I’m unsure about going the Mac AppStore way (hey, I like open source-ness and free softwares). Still don’t know which way to go and for now, it’s on hold (sorry guys).

But then a small update to say that I’m now on github:
You may see there my open-sourced works from now on, from my work and my free time. iPodME may goes here someday…

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