.jar prototype & sources
Slides for the IMG Award presentation

Game trailer

Juno was a project initially started for a school demonstration, in a course of mobile technology. Created by a team of 7 persons (though only 4 really worked on this project…), it was presented to the IMG Awards 07 competition. I was the team leader, lead programmer and lead graphic & sound designer on this project.

Juno is a multiplayer RPG game based on an original idea of mine : 6 characters are on a spaceship, each one with its own goal, with basically a “good” team againt the “bad” team.

It features the newest available technology on mobile phone (only present on the Nokia N95 at the time of development):

– 3D immersive sound via the JSR-234 API
-bluetooth multiplayer (up to 6 players)
– FMV cutscenes in 3GPP format
– SVG menu & animation (JSR-226)
-smooth 2D graphics and animations

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